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Hi - I'm making a JMN treasury.  if you want to be in it- pls send me the item # or your url and I'll choose an item featured in your etsy store.


Chris Simmons 

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Replies to This Discussion   item# 100-1905 Sunshine

Is it okay to add the red set also.  I'd like to publish it tomorrow. THANX - chris


It's done.  Take a look and give it a favorites tag and Lets do more and advertise the network.  This is a very supportive and encouraging team....

Thank you for including my work!  Great treasury and good PR for Jewelry Network and its members!

Yes...very nice! And a creative idea for PR!!


Hi Chris,

Here is the url to my etsy shop. I look forward to being in your treasury. :)



Nice websites thanks for sharing it

Dear, Chris,

I just open up the shop on etsy.

Thanks a lot for doing this.

My url is

Please, let me know if I can help you farther.

Best Regards and good luck !

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