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Does anyone have any suggestions how to expand and let more people know about my business or like how i can get more fans on facebook? any suggestions would help :)

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Hi Shelby,  I opened a facebook business page recently - and although I don't have that many fans yet,  I did manage to get enough likes to brand my url.  You might want to check it out and see my likes.  You can like them as well and comment on their work.  Most will like you in return.  I also comment of jewelry making blogs and networks, forums and such and connect my twitter to my facebook so post are tweeted automatically.  Usually I do this as my business persona. 

Hope some this helps, good luck -


Besides setting up websites on Facebook, and Etsy, and others, I've found that selling in person works the best. All my friends, family, and coworkers know I create jewelry. They buy my jewelry, wear it, show it off, and send me referrals. I'm also on the lookout for events where I can set up a booth. That is an excellent way to network for more selling opportunities and to get sales and referrals. Basically, get exposure anyway you can.
Jennifer is absolutely right - get all the exposure you can.  I also do shows, especially juried shows, I always wear something I made and have flyers (I made with pics) and postcards (from Vistaprint).

Thank you Jennifer and Zoraida so much for replying. I do take my jewelry to all the craft shows in the area, I have business cards I just got from vistaprint too very recently and most of my selling I do in person. I will definately check out both of you guys' pages out and leave some feedback, Like you guys said I think I just need to Expose my business as much as I possibly can. Once again thanks a lot. :)


Hi Shelby,

Zoraida and Jennifer make some great suggestions. Your post also gave me an idea to create the group "Facebook Fan Club" on the Jewelry Makers Network. The purpose of this forum is to share our Fan Page links so that we can support one another by liking each others fan pages and also share tips. If you post your fan page link in the comments I'm sure folks here will be happy to help you out so that you can get to 25 and brand your URL. I see that you are really close! :-)


Great idea for a Facebook Fan Club, Karen. 

Shelby, I found your facebook page and "liked"  it.  Mine is  You are close to 25 fans.


I am close to 25 likes myself.  Any additional likes will greatly help.  I am fairly new to this website and I am trying to gain as much exposure and notoriety as possible as well.


Thank you for any and all help!

I just wanted to say thank you  to you ladies who liked my facebook page.  I really appreciate it!  Hopefully slow and steady will win the race :)
Your welcome Denise :) glad i could help.
Shelby you should launch an official website for your business growth. Just do your business online as well.

Hi Selby,

I am new here . I will find you on FB and like you.  Zoraida is right,  wear your pieces everywhere you go and always have a business card. If someone admires your designs,you can tell them you have more and hand them a card.

   When I first started out, I sold at work. I had special prices for the people I worked with (they were my 1st customers).  I also sell to friends.  Are you on Zibbet(free) or Etsy (cost to post)? There are others out there too.

I found a local shop that does consignments too.  Look for a co-op in your area. Post your pics on FB with a link to your page. Craft shows are good also. Also you can start your own blog. is free. But to get people to notice you, comment,comment on their pages. It can be a full time job, but it is rewarding!


I expended y business on ebay stores.

maybe this can help you too


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