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Hi all...I have a customer request for men's jewelry. I don't have a clue where to start other than rings. I saw a wire wrapped ring called Pharoh's Ring..Or Pharoh's Style. If anyone know more info on this style or anything that may be of assistance please let me know...Thanks!!!  ^_^

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A cuff or a heavy gauge chainmaille mail bracelet or necklace might also be an option. 

Thanks Karen!! My father in law is asking for men's jewelry and to be honest I never tried it before... But I will experiment soon... I want to learn the "Pharoh" Style ring wire wrap... I guess I am going to try to buy a tutorial soon. ^_^


hi there,
I just joined the forum today.
I am a couple rings jewelry collectors.
Please exhibitions.

Hi Friends,

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I found celtic knotting to be the way to go when I did a piece for my father. I used round leather cord, and ceramic beads (the big holes are necessary, and the glazing is a bit more masculine) and I tied Josephine knots and between those I put the ceramic beads. This also works well as a matching set, as a necklace can be easily made with the same materials but using a method that is used for pearl knotting. I find using natural, organic materials like leather, hemp, cotton, suede and beads such as ceramics, shell, and hardware findings like nuts and bolts are great for mens jewelry.

For help with celtic knotting (and other knots) try:

other good site to look for tutorials on mens jewelry would be:

Hope that gives you some ideas and help.

Thanks for sharing these information ...

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