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Hello Everyone

Im very new to all of this and have never made jewellery before, its something i would like to do as a hobby and if im any good i would love to be able to sale my items. To begin with i want to make nice bracelets for girls to sale with gift bags/fairy dust etc.


I havent got a clue where to start..

What do I need?

Hope all of you faboulous people are able to help me - Give me some great advice and tips

I look forward to hearing from you

Sam xx

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Comment by samantha sullivan on November 30, 2011 at 1:45pm

Aww thanks Karen & Jen for your help and advice its much appriciated :-)

Thats what I have done Jen is purchased a few starter kits, and finding alot of cheap items on ebay.

I still dont know what the name of the pliers are lol, Good luck to you aswell Jen  xx

Comment by Karen Ferrante on November 20, 2011 at 7:08pm

Hi Samantha!


Welcome to the Jewelry Makers Network! This is a very friendly group and we will be happy to help you! Sounds like you would like to start with bead stringing. If there is a local bead shop in your area that is an excellent place to start to learn. Fire Mountain Gems ( is a large online distributor and excellent source for jewelry making and video supplies. Aunties Beads channel on YouTube has a number of very good videos at Hope this helps!





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