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Bench Tip for Organizing Sandpaper On Sanding Boards

I learned this great tip from Tim McCreights “Complete Metalsmith”. In order to organize your sheets of sandpaper and to provide a solid surface for sanding, cut out three pieces of Masonite or Plexiglass 12 inches x 9 1/2 inches (or have the pieces cut out for you at a home improvement center). Mount the sandpaper on the front and back of each board using a spray adhesive glue. Organize by course, medium and fine grit. You can also drill a hole in the corner of the sanding boards, tie them together and then hang on the side of your bench. Your sandpaper is now organized to sand your work on a hard surface on incrementally finer grained sandpaper. Easily clean the sandpaper by holding the board on its side and tapping lightly with a hammer.

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