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Been working on quite a lot of new stuff lately. I can't wait to get it all up and ready for sale. The hold up has been due to the lower quality of pictures I've been managing to get lately. But working with a friend, we are hoping to correct that problem. I've gotten some sample pics, and recently posted a few as sneak peaks on my Facebook page. I'm looking forward to the next beading night I can have with that friend. Our nights together really keep us both focused and productive. Powering out many new pieces a night.  We are looking to work together this summer and go to a few shows, selling our work. Hopefully we'll have our inventory soon. I'm looking to get our footing in the summer so that hopefully by winter we can do some of the better, indoor, arts and craft shows that pop up. I've never felt more optimistic. Sometimes just having a good friend around to work with really does the trick.

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