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I'm new at jewelry making and I have a perplexing question. Can anyone tell me the difference between sterling silver plated and silver plated? When I ask on a search I get round about answers. I want to buy some bead caps and spacer beads and some say sterling silver plated(?), others say silver plated.  I know sterling silver is 925 but I bought some and they look the same to me and they cost about the same, too. Help!  I don't want to mislead customers and I don't want to be mislead either.  Thanks

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Comment by jo ohara on March 30, 2012 at 7:48pm

Hi  IMHO using "sterling" in silver plated maybe either to inform it is actual silver and not silver "color" or silver "tone" which has no actual silver..and is only silver colored.

It would not nec be different from Silver plated. I have not found too many specifics in purchasing silver plated other than this is "silver plated" I do not think I have ever purchased a "sterling silver plated" supply although I sometimes get "silver filled" which has (supposedly-and should) a greater amount of silver.

This is Canadian but I am sure US has a simliar regulation

There is no "sterling silver plated as you can note.


Comment by Kim Bass on March 14, 2012 at 7:47pm

Connie ,

I think that sterling silver plated is the actual sterling silver that has a plating or a protective coating put on it to help keep it from tarnishing.   The silver plating is usually silver that is put on another piece of metal.  And that doesn't last as long as sterling silver.  If you take care of sterling silver it will last forever....and the silver plating doesn't....does that make any sense?



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