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Don’t you just hate it when you wake up inspired to do a project but when you get to the flame it just doesn’t turn out the way it looks in your head??

Well, welcome to the club…. because I am having one of those days. The dreaded “Off” day…ugh.

I awoke with an Idea to do a twisted color bead encased in clear glass. Well, let’s just say that it looked ALOT better in my mind than it did when I tried to make one. After three tries I succeeded but it is still not exactly what I was looking for. I am a beginner so, I will give myself a break…but not for long. I will keep at it until I get it just right. Some say I am crazy, I say persistant!…LOL

I am posting some pics from my ”attempt” this morning.

So, ok, this is a wonky messed up glass bead from my attempts at making a twisted color encased bead. I was having trouble keeping the flame hot because I was under the air vent DOH!.. but I pulled too hard from the mandrel and I actually pulled the bead away from the rod which is BAD because now you can’t turn the bead to melt it evenly thus your result it this.

Well, that’s the bad news…here is some good news……

Tada!!!!! The bead on the left is Mr. Wonky and the bead on the right is Mr Perfect. Well, kinda. Anyway…. Look, it is as perfect as I can get it so there…Ha! LOL

I will attempt this one again in the future. I shall be avenged!!!!

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