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What is Argentium™ Sterling Silver?

Argentium™ Sterling Silver wire is relatively new in the world of jewelry making. It is a highly tarnish resistant sterling silver that will keep its shine for years without any polishing. It was invented in 1996 by Peter Johns, a professor of silversmithing at Middlesex University in England. It is a patented and trademarked alloy that is at least 92.5% pure silver just like traditional sterling silver. What makes Argentium™ different from traditional sterling silver? Germanium replaces 1.2% of the copper that is usually makes up the other 7.5% of sterling silver. Because Argentium™ will not tarnish like traditional sterling silver the cost is from 15% to 18% more than standard sterling silver.  As it is much more convenient to care for, I really enjoy working with this wire and the recipients of jewelry made from this special metal really appreciate minimal care required.

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