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Jewelry Artistisans Needed (sort of)

Greetings folks -- I am here in behalf of my college daughter, Rebekah. She is a senior at Cleveland Institute of Art and plans on graduating in May (yeah !!). She is working on a project where she has to make plans to set up her own business making jewelry. She herself is not trained in jewelry making, but her project includes researching the hiring of jewelers to make her products. I will share pictures of her jewelry ideas once she sends them to me.


Well, anyhow, neither of us know how to make contact with jewelers who can tell her the information she needs to know, such as salary considerations, working environment needs, etc. Maybe you or someone you know can help us out. Right now her project is hypothetical, but who knows what can really develop down the road.


Thanks for helping us out if you can. As I said, I will post pictures of her jewelry ideas once she sends them to me. I will also post more info on her project once I get more from her. I know it involves endangered animals in Ohio and she hopes to sell the jewelry to help raise money to save them. Run things as a non-profit. Hypothetical at this point.


Thanks !!





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